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Introducing OVENZZ™ Brick Oven Solutions
by HarbisonWalker International
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The first ingredients in brick oven baking.

Somewhere at the end of each new brick oven is an intensely passionate chef or cook who labors over every ingredient. These artisans never compromise when it comes to their food’s appearance, texture, and flavor. There’s only one oven they want to stand behind: one that performs to the highest degree.

HarbisonWalker International’s OVENZZ™ refractory solutions are a leading choice for commercial and residential oven suppliers, designers, and builders because our products deliver exceptional durability and cooking performance.

When you have an even and thermal-efficient heating environment, foods cook better and taste better.

OVENZZ™ A 360° heating solution for the most Well-Rounded Oven Designs

Maybe your oven design is simple. Maybe it’s elaborate. Either way, we answer the call with OVENZZ™, a new line of refractory products.

OVENZZ™ is one of the few product solutions to offer 360º interior coverage across floors, walls, and ceilings. Our full interior refractory applications improve thermal efficiency while the oven is in use. Plus our refractory solutions minimize heat loss — even with the constant opening and closing of oven doors.

Looking to maximize your pizza oven’s design? Our OVENZZ™ products will meet your specifications and improve your oven’s performance.

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Oven designs may vary But food safety is non-negotiable

At HarbisonWalker International, food safety comes before all else. Our OVENZZ™ products have been certified by NSF International. And all OVENZZ™ products meet American National Standard/NSF International Standard 51 for use as a food equipment material and are approved for contact with food.

And of course we always have our eye on kitchen safety. Our ceramic fiber blankets and bulk fiber products help keep oven exteriors cool and improve baking environment safety.

A Higher Degree of Service — How Cool Is That?

At HarbisonWalker International, we live the business of heat containment every day. For over a century, our expertise and innovations have saved time and money for companies from virtually every industry under the sun.

Why is OVENZZ™ right for you?

  • Strong thermal efficiency and performance – saving heating costs over the life of the oven
  • Even heat distribution that improves baking performance
  • Fast oven heat-up
  • Fast cooking times
  • Food contact safe as certified by NSF International

Our products stand up to the heat, and so do our people. We’re intensely driven to respond. We’re beyond reliable. And we’re here 24 / 7 / 365 to get you exactly what you need. We have lightning-fast delivery thanks to our vast number of North American global sourcing centers — available for pick up at your local HWI GSC or delivered to your door.

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Pizza? Bread? Panini? Whatever you bake, Ovenzz Products will work for you

We provide solutions for all kinds of brick ovens and cooking applications. Our refractory firebricks, and high-temperature cements and mortar have a fireclay base to assure exceptional high heat capacity. And because our brick requires no priming, there’s no need for the hearth or deck to be fired before you start baking.

From small stoves to large commercial pizza ovens, we have just the right products to help ensure safety, and cooking efficiency.

Our NSF-certified food contact products include:

  • OVENZZ™ BRICK — ASTM C27 super-duty firebrick, available in numerous shapes and sizes. This product is high fired and requires no priming.
  • OVENZZ™ LW CAST — lightweight, insulating castable refractory with extraordinary strength and excellent insulating properties. Suitable for casting shapes, pouring in place, and filling large cracks and holes. OVENZZ™ LW CAST provides a more thermal-efficient solution than dense products. It’s made with GREENLITE® aggregate, a higher-strength insulating product.
  • OVENZZ™ CAST — fireclay-based, cement-bonded, dense castable refractory. Suitable for casting shapes, pouring in place, and filling large cracks and holes.
  • OVENZZ™ BLOCK — a pre-cast, dried form of our OVENZZ CAST product. OVENZZ BLOCK is the only brand for NSF certified pre-cast solutions in baking oven applications.
  • OVENZZ™ MORTAR — high-alumina, air-setting refractory mortar that is ideal for troweling.
  • OVENZZ™ STONE – a precast and fired shape made from HWI proprietary ceramic raw materials that is ideal for simple or complex shapes for use in any oven application. OVENZZ STONE provides enhanced performance against thermal shock and cycling conditions. This product is pre-fired and requires no priming or drying prior to use.

Products that are at home outside the oven:

  • Our INSWOOL® product line includes ceramic fiber blankets, textiles, and bulk fibers, plus insulation board and paper options.
  • Our MORTAR MIX 413® is a cement-bonded mortar that, once set, will retain its integrity if exposed to water and outside elements.

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Safe, Sound, And Technically Superior

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Put our intensity to work for you — and your oven

Every day our people and products stand up to the challenges of every job. As a local US supplier, we’ll save you time and money. And our experience in heat containment makes us the safest, most reliable choice for your investment. We are your one-stop shop for refractory solutions. And we can take your inventory or new build to the next level with OVENZZ™.